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Essay example - Report on the durability of concrete

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Engineering and Construction
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REPORT ON THE DURABILITY OF CONCRETE Table of Contents 1. Concrete, as a Construction Material 2. Definition of Durability 3. Processes of Deterioration 3.1 Processes under Fluid State 3.2 Processes under Solid/Hardened State 4. Case studies of deterioration and their remedial measures 5…

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During this the water chemically bonds with the cement and hydration takes place. The ultimate strength of concrete is a factor of water cement ratio and this is the reason a precise mix ratio of concrete is calculated and mix design is prepared. Finally the dry components are combined to form hardened matrix. This final product, the concrete is good in compressive strength but weak in tensile strength. To finish this weakness we provide steel reinforcement which has high tensile strength. This concrete is called the reinforced concrete. The concrete’s quality is determined by the quality and care taken while the production phase of the concrete. As we are well aware of the fact that elasticity of concrete is all most the same at low stress levels but tends to decrease as the higher stress levels are attained as matrix cracking develops. At the very same time the concrete is very weak in thermal expansion and has a low value of coefficient of thermal expansion. The content of cementitious material, along with the water content determine the final strength, durability, abrasion resistance, shrinkage values and many other properties. But the most important property that is under discussion is the Durability of concrete. ...
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