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1. Introduction Designing and constructing sustainable buildings revolves around balancing social, environmental as well as economic considerations simultaneously. The current building (Brunel University’s Lecture Centre) is in large part constructed using a concrete frame.


1.1. Social Buildings have to comply with social considerations of sustainability so that they must provide safe, comfortable and healthy interiors. In order to meet these objectives the major considerations are ensuring structural integrity, dealing with vibration levels, adequate weather protection, fire resistance and acoustic performance. 1.2. Economic Economic considerations play a major and often deciding role in determining what kinds of materials to use for construction purposes. The major considerations are that buildings ought to be durable, reusable, require low maintenance and energy efficient. These considerations need to be satisfied both during the building phase as well as during the operation phase. Some other considerations include the construction costs, net lettable area, building reuse value, construction programmes and whole of life value. 1.3. Environmental Environmental considerations mandate that buildings ought to be constructed in a manner that their whole-of-life energy use as well as their greenhouse gas emissions produce a small ecological footprint. The major considerations are the life cycle assessment (LCA), cooling of urban areas, thermal mass and recycling. Appendix ‘A’ shows the mutually common area that social, environmental and economic factors share to produce a truly sustainable design. 2. ...
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