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A Designed House Cooling Method Project’s requirements specifications The problem of uncomfortable rooms has been brought about by high temperatures, high humidity and lack of fresh air. The designing of houses in areas with such weather conditions calls for measures to ensure comfort in a house unit to be constructed.


Bhattacharjee states that temperature, humidity and air movement are primary climatic elements affecting the comfort of human beings. Therefore, the design to be devised will take into consideration the maintenance of cool air in the house, minimize humidity and enhance air circulation. The inputs and outputs pertaining to the solution in regard to An Minh cooling housing system are critical to be discussed in this context. In this regard, the requirements under consideration are: - Reducing the temperature in the house, Enhancing air circulation, Reducing relative and absolute humidity and Provision of secure and comfortable housing to the Vietnamese families. Prioritized list of features in the solution The design to be improvised is affordable and readily available. According to Givoni, countries with hot, humid climates call for a building layout that provides a potential for cross ventilation. The following outlines the priority features in the solving of the housing problem in An Minh with respect to obtaining a serene environment. Roofing will constitute the use of light reflecting fabrics interwoven on coconut leaves to reduce cost. The essence of using reflective materials is to minimize the level of absorption thereby, minimizing the amount of heat to the housing unit. ...
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