Eco-Innovation in Construction Industry Essay example
Engineering and Construction
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Two of the central issues being faced by modern construction and engineering organisations are eco-innovation and change management as the industry is continuing to shift cultural and move towards wider operationally excellent business models. Recent economic conditions have compounded the pressure.


Construction Industry is one of the most booming industries worldwide. The construction industry is encompasses the building and development of erected structures created to be used for human operations and existence through separating the natural world from the human environment. This industry is usually categorised into three basic categories: (1) Construction of any Building; (2) Construction of Heavy / civil buildings; and (3) Construction of Industrial buildings (London 2007).
All three types of construction projects require unique teams to plan, design, and construct as well as maintain the project. At times the construction industry has to bear heavy maintenance costs resulting in losses for a business. It is important that that business properly plan activities and utilise such measures that counter the ever increasing maintenance costs. Mostly, the maintenance occurs after construction and therefore the future cost is not easily predicted. One example of a harmful effect is a positive NPV project which results in a negative. ...
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