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Process Control Process Control Customer Inserts His/Her name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 24, 03, 2012 From the curve below it can be noted that the steam consumption decreased to a certain level before rising up to the level of the product that was in process.


It shows that the steam reduced by 45% as time moved on. This means, there is energy conservation by the system. Such control is made possible by the application of information technology. The following is the logical flow of the feedback control loop. Flow Diagram for a Feedback Control Loop Temperature Control for a Heat Exchanger Whereby the fluid entered the system from different sides of the system and then meets each other for heat exchange to take place. This is opposed to parallel heat exchanger systems in which the fluids would enter the system on one end and then flow parallel to each other for exchange to take place. As these fluid flows against each other, heat would be transferred from one medium of higher temperatures to the one with lower temperatures. The eventual temperature at the outlet would be different from that recorded from the initial setting. In the hot flow, the outlet temperatures would be lower than the initial one while for the cold flow the outlet temperatures would be higher than the initial temperatures. It is from these temperature differences that their mean and differences calculates efficiency of the system at various variations of flow rates. Investigations of three types of counter flow heat exchangers is the main task, these are; concentric tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger and the shell and tube heat exchanger. ...
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