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Process Control Project - Essay Example


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Process Control Project

It shows that the steam reduced by 45% as time moved on. This means, there is energy conservation by the system. Such control is made possible by the application of information technology. The following is the logical flow of the feedback control loop. Flow Diagram for a Feedback Control Loop Temperature Control for a Heat Exchanger Whereby the fluid entered the system from different sides of the system and then meets each other for heat exchange to take place. This is opposed to parallel heat exchanger systems in which the fluids would enter the system on one end and then flow parallel to each other for exchange to take place. As these fluid flows against each other, heat would be transferred from one medium of higher temperatures to the one with lower temperatures. The eventual temperature at the outlet would be different from that recorded from the initial setting. In the hot flow, the outlet temperatures would be lower than the initial one while for the cold flow the outlet temperatures would be higher than the initial temperatures. It is from these temperature differences that their mean and differences calculates efficiency of the system at various variations of flow rates. Investigations of three types of counter flow heat exchangers is the main task, these are; concentric tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger and the shell and tube heat exchanger. ...
In the first experimental set up on the concentric tube heat exchanger, the system gave four sets of values based on different

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Fire Control Project Overview
This was another example of a Government IT project in which it was absorbing increasing resources but never achieving the objectives initially set. The essential checks and balances done at the early stages of the project were ineffective.
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The article indicates the importance of project control system and how well it is used in an organization. The implementation of any system requires predetermined process flow which helps the organization to accomplish the proposed tasks. The article emphasizes on the fact that reliable information plays a major role in determining the success of any project.
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Project planning and control
On the other hand, the process of closely following procedures of operations or activity and dealing with any form of deviations from the actual plan that may mean reconstitution of the original plan refers to control of the plan. Many firms use project planning and control methods to ensure that all their operations are run in accordance with the needs of the final consumers or the target market.
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Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Technically Speaking, SPC is a quality control technique that is used to estimate whether a process is within desired and permissible limits. Under the original quality control methodology, a product's quality is ascertained by examining the finished product for a predetermined set of features or standards.
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Project monitoring nd control
The results of the mesurements re ssembled into forml nd informl reports, which re used by both senior mngement nd the project tem to identify devitions from plnned performnce nd their cuses. The tem cn then tke corrective ctions to limit the impct of these devitions on the project's schedule, budget, or resources.
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Leadership and motivation are essential catalysts in the successful implementation of a project. As Pottruck and Pearce (2001, p.87) said: "Today leadership is personal and it is public. A leader's actions and words - and the relationship between the two - are the primary tools of inspiration."
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Many people regard management and leadership as quite distinct, while others see quite close linkages between them. Management is a process that depends upon the competencies and skills of the people who comprise the team assigned to plan and execute a project. Leadership and motivation are catalysts in the successful implementation of a project.
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The results of the meаsurements аre аssembled into formаl аnd informаl reports, which аre used by both senior mаnаgement аnd the project teаm to identify deviаtions from plаnned performаnce аnd their cаuses. The teаm cаn then
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One of the basic requirements of a project of this magnitude is to manage the measuring, reporting and controlling of all project resources and parameters in an effective manner in order to fulfill all requirements. For achieving this, it is necessary to have adequate mechanisms
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Project planning and control
Many firms use project planning and control methods to ensure that all their operations are run in accordance to the needs of the final
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flow rates for cold water rates at a constant hot water flow rate. In the first result where the hot water flow rate set at 50 g/sec, while its corresponding cold water flow rate of 14 g/sec the efficiency obtained was 108%. Calculated power absorbance in this case is 962 watts while power emitted is 886 watts. From this observation it is true that there were extra heat gained from the environment. Environmental conditions could have been the source of this extra heat gain because the heat exchangers system has a mechanism that can enable it to either gain or lose heat to the adjacent environment. Within the same experimental set up, variation of cold flow rates gave different temperature values for inlet and outlet upon which calculation of the overall efficiency could be done together with performance of energy balance across the heat exchanger system. In this case, it is clear that there was absorption of heat energy from the environment. In the third arrangement, the cold flow rate setting was 26 g/sec. This gave an efficiency of 130%, from the power emitted of 928 watts while that absorbed was 1205 watts; in this case it is true also to note that there were some heat gain from the environment during the transfer process. The last arrangement had the flow rate for cold section set at 34 g/sec; the hot flow rate is set at 50 g/sec. This gave an efficiency of 151 %, calculated from power emitted of 887 watts while that from the absorbed section was 1335 watts. One major observation from these data findings is that as the flow rate for hot water was maintained constant, variation of cold flow rate from a lower value to a


Process Control Process Control Customer Inserts His/Her name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 24, 03, 2012 From the curve below it can be noted that the steam consumption decreased to a certain level before rising up to the level of the product that was in process…
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Process Control Project essay example
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