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Materials science and engineering is one the most significant discipline in engineering. This because affects entirely all the traditional fields in the field of engineering. Material engineering deals specifically with the structure and elements of materials that are used in modern technology.


This means that materials science and engineering operates in a world characterized by high technological advances because technological advancements created from advanced materials. The significance of materials science and engineering started a long time ago. It has existed for many years. Nowadays, people only look at the names of eras and realize that materials have been helpful in the creation of civilization. These eras include the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. In fact, people have branded the current era as the material era because of the contribution that material engineering has provided. X-rays use materials that are provided by the technology in material science and engineering. The history of the development of science and technology has always been directly linked to the progress of materials science and engineering. In recent times, the expansion of concentration in the surface qualities of solids has become a feature of this field of knowledge. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that interactions with material are realized through the free surface of the materials. Surface layers can unfalteringly control the application of the whole quantity of material. The free surface is essential for a large amount of material and mechanical features of materials that include yield strength, proportionality limit and material behavior in processes of fragile and low energy fracture (Sham 1012). ...
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