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Expansion Joints Issues and Concepts (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Expansion joints An expansion joint is a kind of assembly which is designed to carefully absorb the expansion and contraction that is as a result of heating of various construction materials, to absorb vibrations, to hold a group of parts together or to allow the movement of certain parts as a result of ground settlement or earthquakes.


Some structures would not support ground movements such as earthquakes leading to destruction of buildings and bridges. This led to the idea of expansion joints that would later solve the problem (Rosignoli, 2002). Functions of expansion joints The main function of expansion joints is to safely absorb the high temperatures of various construction materials as a result of the constant expansion and contraction. As explained earlier the contraction and expansion is due to the changing weather conditions (Brown, 2001). The expansion joints therefore make structures to remain intact thereby they become safe for public use. There are many types of expansion joints and each is designed to solve a specific problem though the purpose or function still comes back to absorbing stress to avoid damage. Types of Expansion joints used in bridges in Australia Bridge expansion joints are joints that are designed to allow traffic to cross the bridge structure while at the same time permitting the movement of the bridge deck due to thermal effects, wind, traffic loading, seismic effects among others. ...
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