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COMPARE AND CONTRAST TWO SETS OF DATA Introduction Gross vehicle domestic weight refers to the maximum weight of a vehicle based on the manufacturer’s specification. It normally indicates the combined weights of all elements of a vehicle such as the frame, body, engine, devices, luggage, and passengers.


Motor vehicles falls within this category and has experienced a positively changing trend in gross weight. Statistical applications that offer ground for comparing and contrasting records of motor vehicle weights over periods can be used to investigate existence of change in trend of gross weights. This paper seeks to investigate existing data of gross weights for trucks. The paper will consider a set of data of gross motor vehicle domestic weights from the year 2002 and another set of weights from the year 2004 with the aim of comparing and contrasting the weights as were recorded during the two periods. Methods This report applied information from a secondary source for its investigation. The collected data was then subjected to statistical analysis using excel from which cumulative were developed. Further, histograms were developed to facilitate analysis of the two sets of data. Results and discussion The following excel spreadsheet was obtained to summarize the distribution of the gross vehicle weights as recorded in the year 2002. ...
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