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Project management in construction Name Lecturer Institution Course code 3rd April, 2012 This case study involves the provision of consultancy in project management. The consultant’s firm roles are to over see and manage building of a commercial building on behalf of the client.


The firm is also responsible for drawing up contracts bids. The company should also draws tender documents in relation to construction and development of this project. Part one 1.1 Consultancy Legal Documentation This part involves presenting all the legal documents necessary in project management. This will protect the project manager or the consultancy firm that is the playing the role of project management. The first document is a contract document between the company offering project management and the client. This is a show of evidence that these parties are in a contractual agreement to work together. They will protect the project manager or the firm when the client fails to meet the firm’s requirement in the course of the project. Another important document is the budget. This ensures that the project is within the set limits. This document empowers the project manager to know when to add funds or reduce them in any phase of the project. The budget provides the project manager with knowledge about every phase of the project. This helps the project manager to know the amount to be spent in a given phase of the project. It also notifies him or her, the room available for adjustments. The budget also helps the project manager to know the amount of time to spend in a given task so as to ensure the project completes before the given threshold (Ritz, 1994). ...
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