Material Failure and Embodied Energy - Essay Example

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Material Failure and Embodied Energy

TASK 1 The bending of an umbrella when wind blows or the breaking of a bags handle, even the collapsing of mega structures like bridges and buildings are some prime examples of structural failure. Structure failure in basic terms can be defined as the destruction or damage of a structure when it is unable to support its designated load any further. Once the structure looses it ability to carry load, it deforms, de-shapes or even destroys completely. There are many reasons a structure can fail its basic ability to hold load (NEL, 2007) Many reasons as states in previously include basic design flaws, construction flaws, overloading, foundation failure, corrosion and excessive use of a moving body. The corrective/preventive measures that have to be taken are in accordance with the structural failure that has either prevailed or in the process of it. An example of it is the leaning tower of Pisa; the design flaw is the soft earth due to which one part of the building is sinking inside. To negate the leaning effect, large weights and wires have been attached to the tower to keep it from falling to the end it is leaning to. ...
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The science of materials and metallurgy has taken a great importance since the day man decided to build. Sending a rocket to the moon was the high point of mans quest as he not only conquered earthly conditions but also those which were unknown to it…
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