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Therefore, the results obtained indicate that it is safe to work on the slope and the slope suits its desired needs. This is because there are no signs of possible ground movements and the rock structure seems to be solid and not fractured. Nevertheless, an investigation on possible ways in which ground movements may occur within the area is essential (Eberhardt 2003).
However, it is highly recommended that adherence to the design be ensured so that excavation on the slope does not yield negative impacts. This is because failure to do so would result in ground movements, which may impact the normal functionality of the slope that includes ground movements that jeopardize people’s safety. In addition, further analysis needs to be done through the use of slope stability software, which aids in searching for the critical slip ...
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This is because the slope is gently lying and not steep. The elevation of the existing slope in this area is about 20 meters at an angle of approximately 31o. With reference to the drawings of this area, a single…
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