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Literature Review on Engineering - Research Paper Example


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Literature Review on Engineering

The device therefore is unidirectional and stationary with the ability to raise resonators that are efficient within the mid ranges. (Kerallis, Campanella, Condkrad, & Morris, 2006) The wireless rechargeable battery has patent in the USA and it employs a power supply with an alternating current flow that supply direct current. The device has a design enabling it to receive to receive energy from a supply that is wirelessly connected to it. The components include an indicator, a wireless charging module, and a battery unit. The wireless supplies of energy efficiently transform the energy into electricity with the ability to perform the function of charging the battery. Most of the common electronic devices including the notebook computers are employing the use of energy supply of indirect currents connecting with the indirect current to provide the necessary energy for the running of the device. The use of the power supply which might be bulky especially during movements and travels is very bulky for the operating of the devices hence the necessity of the use of the wireless chargeable battery to run the respective devices efficiently despite the location of the individual without the related heavy machinery for charging the systems. The control system of the wireless charging system will include the switch and an indicator that makes the operator to understand and know the state of the charged device in relation to the amount of electricity already input into the device and to provide with

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The basic assumption behind the routines of preventive maintenance is that the average down time per unit time without carrying out any planned maintenance is higher as compared to the average down time per unit time following the preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is generally thought to be one of the most complicated activities that can ever be modeled.
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As a result of the prevailing dynamism in the present world, managing the organizational administration has grown up to be a complex phenomenon and this complexity has been immensely impacted by rapid changes in the environment. The environmental changes are again stimulated by both internal and external forces as well (Getahun, 2003).
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The assessment of the psychiatric condition of a child starts by first getting the mental history of the child preferably by interviewing the parent or the child. Different psychological disorders affect people in different ages. The people affected by the psychological disorders face many hardships in their daily lives.
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Bardot Sandrine is an author of various publications in the world of economics. She has written an article titled Emiratisation and Compensation & Benefits. Here, she focuses on the methods that organizations and companies can apply with the aim of improving lives through Emiratisation.
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Hence, governments aim to encourage every size of business for economic development. The large scale businesses are self sufficient and they are equipped with necessary resources like capital, machinery, human resources, technology etc. However, small size business
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lized arguments, and Ridder et al.’s article that focused on NPO, prove that the performance of the organization is attributable to HR practitioners in shaping the organization and the employees. The article, written by Buller and McEvoy (2012), entitled "Strategy, Human
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The authors have used research to substantiate their results and empirical evidence is presented. The authors have also used relevant theories and framework in
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The other aims include preservation of the minority groups’ cultural and linguistic heritage and enabling the English speakers to learn new languages such as Spanish and French.
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Existing literature suggests lack of adherence to existing guidelines on management of hypertension. Blood pressure cut offs are recommended by JNC-7 as bases for diagnosing hypertension and failure to
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the ability to control it. The switch that is pushed is not to be moved to the extent that the charger is deactivated but not put off. The switch is to be pushed such that it enables the activation of the device and the resultant device functioning. The light emission by the lamps is an indicator of the operations of the device hence one is able to determine the operation ability and efficiency of the device depending on the emitted lights by the device. The control circuit has to be coupled with the display medium to ensure that the operations of the device are monitored throughout the process without misadministration of the device. With the incorporation of the display system, the user is in a position to determine the whether the device is operating at a rate that is suitable for the transformation of the electricity of the wireless chargeable battery hence the facilitation of the operations of the device. (Chen, Lin, & Wei, 2006) The use of wireless power transfer will therefore apply the use of magnetic resonance so that it can improve the energy transfer efficency of the device and minimize the losses due to the distances between the coil terminals .this technology therefore will major on the use and application of magnetic resonance of the device such that a wire less charge can be used in the charging of battery of a poratble electronic device.This device will have a side load power transfer coil and the main wireless recharge system. (Katsuel, Yokohama, Takku, & Fujisawa, 2006) The loop having a single turn is made up of a conductor that is metallic and has the shape of a curve which is closed either circular or squared and has a design that forms terminals within the curve. The axial loop has a great conduction of heat and the current distribution is assumed generally uniform


Literature Review Insert name Institution Literature Review Power or energy can be transferred using various wireless means which have been known and researched on over the years and which are known as far –field means of energy transfers. The transferring of energy using the method of radiation as employed in the operations of the radio waves and radiations…
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Literature Review on Engineering essay example
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