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Essay example - Professional Meeting ECOBUILT 2012

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Professional Meeting ECOBUILT 2012 Essay example
Engineering and Construction
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Professional meeting ECOBUILT 2012 Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Title: Making sustainable construction happen Sponsoring organization: Saint-Gobain Venue: Excel, London Date: 22/3/2012 Time: 10.00am to 5.00 pm Make-up of audience There were about one hundred attendants, and the conference room allowed the audience to form a semicircle while seated…

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Speakers’ details At the conference, there were twelve speakers. The speakers were Kevin McCloud, Christine Whitehead, Jack Dromey Mp, David Ireland, Ian Marchant, Keith Bugden, Munish Datta, David Fisk, Tony Juniper, Gaynor Harnell, and Rt Hon Michael Meacher. Most of the speakers work in the ministries that deal with energy conservation and construction. Some of them are engineers and authors who are knowledgeable about the issues of construction and energy. Summary of main address “Solving the housing crisis: towards a sustainable housing strategy” (Ecobuild 2012). The speakers said that addressing the housing issues is the first way to attain a sustainable housing. They said that some years back, approximately 185,000 new houses were built and this number was considered not enough at that time in the UK. The number of houses being build has reduced because the state eliminated The Regional Spatial plan and their linked house building aims. This has resulted to a high house demand, and about 4.5 million individuals are still waiting for new houses. Additionally house scarcity has resulted into many people living in slums, and the number of the people living in these areas is approximately 2.5 million. ...
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