Achieving Sustainable Development in Construction

 Achieving Sustainable Development in Construction Essay example
Engineering and Construction
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The construction industry has evolved into one of the powerful economic sectors in the country, given its immense contribution to the economyue to this fact, the sector has become competitive and in the process, it has led to growth of the economy


But it must be recognized that in modern world, there is greater emphasis on efficient infrastructure as far as construction and development are the two issues of concerns (HM Government, 2008). Therefore, many stakeholders have postulated that construction industry has a big role to play in ensuring that infrastructures are built in the most innovative way and in the most cost-effective way. On overall, it must be noted that, construction industry has a big impact on the way resources are used and utilized, and it is from this aspect that advocacy has increased in recent times to ensure a sustainable construction industry is designed and developed (Clements-Croome, 2004). The government of UK has in the recent past come out strongly with a message that sustainable development has to take place firmly in the construction industry. As a result, it is clear today that the impact that emerges to the built environment as a result of construction plays a great role in driving or accelerating sustainable growth and development (HM Government, 2008). Sustainability and Government Effort Since emergence of sustainable development goals, efforts by different governments and agencies have been directed towards development initiatives, which are undertaken in such a way that, the future generation is not sacrificed with the kind of development initiatives undertaken now. ...
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