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AUTONOMOUS DEVELOPMENT Name Instructor Task Date Outline i. The choice of materials (methods and a justification as to their sustainability and build ability) ii. An outline programme for the works identifying critical activities & resource smoothing opportunities iii.


According to Speigel and Meadows (2012, p 16), most corporations and investors are seeking green solutions and want energy efficient materials to be present in their buildings. This study aims to highlight sustainability and usefulness of such products and their relevance in the end to the corporation. This paper entails the innovative and technical solutions that are necessary to ensure the building is energy efficient and consistent with the planets ecosystem. Nowadays numerous buildings are expected to accomplish the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings when constructing. Speigel and Meadows (2012, p.58) assert these standards are meant to advance the sustainability goals, diminish energy utilization, and encourage sustainability of the buildings and renewability. Replenishment of Insulation and energy deficiencies in a building can be through the introduction of high performance windows that are thick and can guarantee diminution loss of warmth during winter. Moreover, the windows with low E have capabilities of keeping heat either in or out (Simmons 2010, p.62). These windows can be put in the rooms where workers will spend a large proportion of their time. It is essential for the internal thermal conditions to be conducive for the inhabitants to be comfortable. ...
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