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Comparison of Two Control Chart Commercial Packages - Term Paper Example


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Comparison of Two Control Chart Commercial Packages

The software draws all manner of control charts, Pareto charts, histograms, etc. The software is useful in analyzing the features of the business organization, therefore, increasing efficiency and prosperity of the business. The followings are the disadvantages of QI Macros, For use, an individual has to load the software over the network and in instances where there is a busy online traffic associated with the use of QI Macros, loading excel may take longer. In QI Macros, there is not issuance of multiple licenses, therefore, for every user, one license is issued to access the software. The followings are the advantages of using Sigma XL (Bass and Barbara, 18), The use of this software saves money since it draws all manner of control charts, including fishbone and flow charts. Sigma XL is reliable since it is used by over 90% of corporations and it is easier to share graphs and charts with an individual who has an excel software. This software operates in all versions of the Excel and, therefore, it is compatible with the latest Excel inventions, i.e., Excel 2010. It is easy to use since it involves learning the statistical six sigma tools and thereafter after apply it in making graphs on the excel sheets. The software can be used in mathematical analysis. You can use it together with QI Macros as an added package for Microsoft Excel, therefore, becoming easier to draw diagrams and charts. The followings are disadvantages of Sigma XL are, It requires an understanding of mathematics and

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statistics to effectively draw graphs and charts. It is commercial and not available for free usage. In conclusion, I would recommend the usage of Sigma XL in my firm. This is because the software is reliable and is in use by 90% of companies all over the world. PART 2: Evaluation of Two Black Belt Certification Programs. The black belt certification programs for comparison are, The Lean six sigma black belt certification. The master black belt certification. The Lean six Sigma black belt is a course whose teachings emanate from the lean manufacturing principal and the six sigma ( Sullivan and Kimberly, 19). The course covers 25 units whose foundations are from PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and from the principles of DMAIC (Define, Analyze, Improve and Control). In each unit, a student has to take quizzes and at the completion of the course, an exam is given to test if knowledge is acquired during the period of study. The candidate is required to learn one full lean six sigma applications and on completion, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is given to the student. The mode of studying is 100% online and its advantages are that the units will be will taught to a deeper degree and questions can be handled on an individual’s basis. The course takes less that four months top complete but it depends entirely on the person taking the course. The amount required in fees is $ 995 and this usually includes a one year access into the certification, project review, course instructions and even the exams. To get the certicate, a student has to attain 75% score in the exams and if he/she cannot attain the score, they are always allowed to repeat the exams until they attain the score. Master Black belt certificate is also 100% online tutorial course. This is an advance certificate in Six Sigma Black belt applications (Blodjik, 23). A


Professor: PART 1: Comparison of two control chart commercial packages : The packages for analysis are QI Macros and Sigma XL and the followings are the advantages of using QI Macros (Arthur, 26), The software doesn’t require a professional who has the knowledge of drawing control charts using excel in its application since it takes a few minute to come up with a diagram…
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Comparison of Two Control Chart Commercial Packages essay example
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