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OES SPS an Innovation in Repair and Conversion for the Offshore Industry - Essay Example

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Author : wilmahegmann
Engineering and Construction
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OES SPS an Innovation in Repair and Conversion for the Offshore Industry Name Tutor Course Institution Date Report of SPS an Innovation meeting Introduction The following report presents the report of the meeting held on Wednesday 4th April 2012 at 6:00 pm at the Institution of Civil Engineers One Great George Street, London, SW1p 3AA…

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OES SPS an Innovation in Repair and Conversion for the Offshore Industry

Rob Duffin presented a number of issues ranging from the significance of SPS in the transformation of FPSO’s which includes reduction of operational costs, life extensions and easier repair of the current station assets without disruption or operational effects. Another issue presented in the meeting was the compliance of the new technology to anti-piracy measures. I will report each of the issues separately as presented by Rob. The Director of the Institution of Civil Engineers introduced the presenter. Sandwich Plate System (SPS) overview Rob described the SPS is a structural complex consisting of two metal plates joined together using a polyurethane elastomer laminate a definition he got from Lehmann and Egge book published in 2009. Rob asserted that SPS is easier and tougher compared to hardened steel plate and is not as heavy to use as the strengthened concrete. SPS has found various applications in several areas such as structural flooring, pitch and field terraces, fixing and construction of ships of ships, and construction of bridges. SPS the Global Perspective Rob derived the global perspective of SPS technology from Kennedy and Ferro’s book published in 2007. Rob reported that all the Global stakeholders have acknowledged SPS as beneficial in the construction industry particularly concerning enhancing performance, sustainability and safety. ...
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