The Role of Motivation in Project Management

The Role of Motivation in Project Management Dissertation example
Engineering and Construction
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The interest on this subject stems from personal observation on current trends in the construction industry. Notably, there has been a remarkable shift of motivation factors as the global society dips more into realms of modernity and modern lifestyles.


Engineering and construction is one of the primary factors of human evolution and therefore, the evolution of the society through construction depends on success of project management. Consequently, project management depends on the ability of the project managers to generate, nurture, and maintain high levels of motivation in all levels of project management. Although motivation on the base level where practical work happens is usually taken as the most fruitful target for motivation, other levels of project management including the highest project managerial levels needs to be equally motivated. The proposed study is overwhelmingly important to the author and the primary focus will be on the role of motivation in success of project management in the construction industry.
Much of the insight on role of motivation in project management can be found on authentic books and authoritative internet sources. Different theorists and researchers have exhaustively explored theories of motivation in different aspects. Various definitions of motivation theories will be explored in the light of motivation and its influence on success of project management. However, only motivational aspects relating to motivation in construction industry will be discussed. ...
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