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Explain How Helicopters Fly

Its flight features allow movement in all direction: upwards, downwards, sideways, forward as well as in reverse direction. This flexibility allows the helicopter to be flown in small and congested areas where it is not possible to land the airplanes. Since it can fly in any direction, it has a lot of parameters to take care of while flying. Therefore, the pilot needs to be very skilled and capable and must give full attention while flying.
Helicopters not only move in all three dimensions but can also rotate and hover at one point in air. These features, although, make it a unique mode of transport, also make it a very complex machine to understand as well as to pilot.
The main parts of helicopter are:
 Main Rotor – The vertically mounted rotor in center
 Fuselage – The main body of helicopter
 Transmission system – Speed control mechanism of rotors
 Tail boom – Rear portion on which the tail rotor is mounted
 Tail rotor – Small horizontal axis rotor at the rear
 Engine – Main engine used to spin the shaft
To understand the flight of a helicopter, we can begin from the simple vertically up and down motion. For a helicopter to move upwards, it needs wings that have air moving on its surface in one direction. In case of an airplane, the wings are fixed and the whole plane moves forward for the air to move on the surface of wings and generate lift. ...Show more


A Russian engineer, Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972), designed the first helicopter in 1942 that went into full-scale production phase.
Helicopters have found a large number of applications in modern day transportation including military, medical services, tourism, surveillance, fire fighting, search and rescue, etc. …
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