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Ethics of the Sale of Body Parts Name Institution A review of the sale of body parts in the U.S The 21st Century has realized tremendous scientific developments. The medical field, most importantly organ and tissue transplantation, has realized numerous technological advancements.


These laws prohibit the sale of body organs but allow individuals to voluntarily donate their body organs (parts). The Uniform and anatomical Act is the most ancient law having been formulated in 1968, to regulate the national distribution and donation of body parts. This act offers individuals an opportunity to voluntarily donate their whole body or part of it, and hospitals and medical institutions have an opportunity to accept such donations (Organ Donation Law, 2012). This law allows citizens of sound mind and who are of legal age to engage in voluntary organ and tissue donation (Organ Donation Law, 2012). According to the law, individual who expect to donate their body parts, must record their intensions most probably in a will (Organ Donation Law, 2012). The donation form should be signed by the potential donor in the presence of two other people. In case the dying patient is unable to write, he or she can indicate his or her intensions orally but in the presence of at least two people or; he or she can inform the attending doctor. However, the attending doctor cannot perform the actual organ removal or transplantation of the donated organ. In addition, close family members or guardians have a limited legal mandate to allow their dying patient’s body parts to be donated. ...
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