Egan's Justification for Recommending Health and Safety Improvements in Construction Industry

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Engineering and Construction
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Name Professor Course Date Egan's justification for recommending health and safety improvements in construction industry Egan argues that an improvement in the health and safety construction sector, would deliver excellent results for individuals and stakeholders.


This clearly shows that the service provided in this sector is poor. Improvements in the health and safety construction sector, guarantee clients the best services, and it is obvious that the profit made will be up the scale. Egan argued that for the health, and safety construction sector to achieve its full potential, there was need for only people who are qualified to be employed. If the new employees are not qualified, they should be trained. Egan came up with the idea of hiring more employees; there was the need for 370,000 new employees to be hired by the health and safety sector and each of the new employees was to be trained (Chinyio & Olomolaiye, 2010: 155). He also proposed for institutions to have a guide to assist employees and a code of ethical working practice for contractors, trade unions and clients. The employees need to be aware of whom they are dealing with; this helps them follow the right channel in case of an emergency. Main elements of Egan’s proposals to achieve this improvement Pioneering projects are the ventures laid down by an establishment to improve the performance of the establishment. This can be internal contests laid down to motivate the performance of every employee. The establishment could come up with remuneration on the employee of the year award. ...
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