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JUTE MATERIAL Name Class: Lecturer: Institution: Address: Date: Jute Material Graph 1: Energy-test time graph Impact tests are a measure of resistance to failure that is brought about by application of instantaneous point force. The test compares focuses on the internal strength of the material as it is tested beyond a point where it will break.


The graph that is generated by jute is particularly characteristic of most composite and building material. From the graph, we can learn several facts about the jute that is put under the impact test. Jute occurs as a long, soft and shiny natural vegetable fibre and thus it has to be pre-processed before it is used in any form of construction. The fibre is woven to form laminates, which can be processed into a fibre that can be used in material production. Jute in its natural state is a fibre that is resistant to compressive and tensile stresses and has mechanical properties that are tougher than most fibres (Sadd, 2009, p. 92). The fibre shows it resistance by the time it takes to react to the impact energy impaled on it as shown in the graph it response after 23 milliseconds. The fibre shows resilience to mechanical forces of tension and compression by taking some time before responding to the forces it is exposed to. Once the threshold of resilience is broken at the twenty-third millisecond, the jute fibre begins its deformation process. From the graph, the fibre exhibits elastic tendencies by the steady linear-like deformation through which the material experiences stresses and strains, and handles these deformation forces as if it was a solid beam. ...
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