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Name Professor Course Date Project proposal (sustainability) Introduction The construction industry offers the necessary merchandize needed in developing the modern society to the level required to achieve sustainability. However, the setbacks presented in developing the constructed equipment may be extended to the provision inputted in the construction of the structure.


Skyscrapers and major highways have been completed using the leading mechanism applied in the planning of the procedures from the draft structure to the completed piece that is erected on the ground. The procedures and processes applied within the steps leading to the final steps into the construction of the mechanism to present an image that creates a strong societal mechanism. The need to present a stable structure is necessary to accord a structure to be used in variable generations to reduce on the costs incurred in maintenance of the structural feature. The completed structure would be dependent on the features applied within the construction of the completed work. The other mandatory feature would be the provision included by the supervisor of the project and the contribution that they implement in the completion of the structure. Sustainability plays a chief role in selling the idea of preserving resources and presenting a lasting strategy that would present the motive to present preservation of the available features. The input provided within the completion of a project to extend sustainability would be identified through predicting the mechanism applied within the strategy that present a completed piece. ...
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