Why Prefabrication housing in form of Volumetric system is not fully used in UK housing

Why Prefabrication housing in form of Volumetric system is not fully used in UK housing Dissertation example
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II. Introduction
Towards the commencement of twentieth century, futuristic assumptions regarding building construction in U.K. had wide speculation about the utilization and involvement of volumetric offsite construction methods as a major replacement of traditional methods.


9 C.Authority of state and building regulation 10 D.Processes of volumetric construction 11 1.Site Study 11 2.Designing and modelling 12 3.Manufacturing 13 4.Transportation 14 5.Assembling 14 E.Benefits of volumetric construction 15 1.Speed of work 16 2.Customization 16 3.Proper distinction in various departments 17 4.Factory environment, skilled workforces and quality of labour 18 5.Waste management 18 6.Machine finishing and technology 19 F.Popular view and future possibilities 19 III.A Comparative review of traditional methods of construction 21 A.Background of traditional construction 21 B.Benefits of traditional methods of construction 22 1.The durability and long term endurance 22 2.Immediate change and constructive liberty 24 3.Multiple scheduling 24 4.Reformative construction 25 5.Applicability over all grounds 25 6.Use of specific materials 25 C.Contemporary issues 26 IV.Research and experiments on prefabrication 27 A.Case study 1: Gordon Primary school 28 B.Case study 2: Bridgend country council 29 C.Improving client awareness 30 D.Case study 3: Modern tube station, London 31 E.Brand imaging and lifestyle 33 F.Case study 4: Syngenta Grange mouth 34 G.Recycling 35 H.Case study 5: Foremansbuildings 36 V.Analysing and evaluating the results 37 A.Economic factors and government legislation 37 B.Domestic housing verses large construction ...
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