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How to Use Gold in Wind Turbines Introduction Hau (2006, p.1) argues that the use of energy from wind is not a phenomenon. Instead, it is a rediscovery of past traditions of wind power technology. Hau reveals that it is no longer easy to point out the historical aftermath of how wind power has played a vital role in the past.


This explains the re-emergence of wind power as a green and sustainable source of energy. The argument behind the re-emergence of wind powers source of energy cannot only be looked at in the context of milling rain or pumping of water as was the case in the past, but is all about the energy needs that have grown due to globalization and industrialization (Schmid and Klein 1990, p.17). Wind power is generally harnessed from wind in motion, which is transformed into energy with the help of a wind turbine. Blaabjerg and Chen (2006 p.1) note that wind turbine has been one of the fastest growing renewable energy technologies. Its development began in the 1980s with just some tens of kilowatts in terms of power rating to the current megawatts. Blaabjerg and Chen argue that in the past, production of wind power did not have a lot of impact in the system of power operation and control, but today it contributes a lot in energy supply since the level of power penetration is on the rapid increase (Paraschivoiu 2002 p.45). In the beginning, the technology used in wind turbine was generally the squirrel-cage induction generators, which were directly being connected to the grid. During this time, there were no active controls of active power reactors. ...
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