Real Estate and Property Management Company report. Maxima Real Estate Development Company.

Real Estate and Property Management Company report. Maxima Real Estate Development Company. Essay example
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Real estate and property management companies are concerned with construction and management of buildings for both government, rental and business purposes. The name of the property development company that I work for is referred to as Maxima Real Estate Development Company.


However, the name was derived from the term maximum meaning that it would be a company with the ability to perform the best in the effort to elevate and facelift the states of any property to be developed. The report is objectively aimed at providing a summary and a guideline on the property expansion project in the Great Manchester Area. The report is composed of a research survey conducted within a period of 3 weeks to identify a potential opportunity that would generate income within the Great Manchester area (Harris, 2005, p. 18). Since UK is best known for sports especially football availability of vast potential in the field of sports. The best option obtained during the research study settled on a conclusive count for building an international sports academy, which would host a considerable number of sporting activities, which are not limited to athletics, triathlon, football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, rugby and hockey (Reuvid, 2009, p. 42). The decision to settle on developing a football academy was considered as the best option because, Maxima Real Estate Development Company is a large multinational company, with organized leadership that is capable of constructing any kind of building. Our representatives and technical teams are also richly talented in myriad areas of expertise that would influence and facilitate the construction process with minimum supervision within a given timeline (Victoria, & Louise, 2004, p. 24). ...
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