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Assignment example - Alternatives to Additional Transmission Lines To Meet Escalating Demand in Northland and Auckland

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Alternatives to Additional Transmission Lines To Meet Escalating Demand in Northland and Auckland Assignment example
High school
Engineering and Construction
Pages 9 (2259 words)
Alternatives to Additional Transmission Lines To Meet Escalating Demand in Northland and Auckland Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. New Zealand Economy, Oil and Gas, Implications for Transmission and Generation 3 III. Industry Overview, Transmission Infrastructure 4 IV…

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As the operator of the national electricity grid in New Zealand, Transpower has the responsibility to ensure that adequate power reaches those areas of the country that need it. As things stand, the rising demand for electricity in the above-mentioned areas has necessitated Transpower coming up with a proposal to erect additional transmission lines, to the tune of $1.5 billion. This proposed investment is up for approval before the Electricity Commission, and the approval rests on Transpower proving that there are no viable alternatives to such an investment. There is the matter of alternatives that need to be explored, as indicated in the case, that negates the need for massive infrastructure investments in transmission and power generation, via distributed power generation facilities, for instance, that are erected close to the demand, in this case, close to the areas that need them. There are also ideas floated with regard to the reduction of so-called peak demand, and the possible construction of additional power stations to meet the increased needs of some areas, notably Northland and Auckland. The paper discusses these and other alternatives, and evaluates their feasibility alongside the proposed investment in additional transmission lines (Daniels 2004). II. ...
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