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Junction design Name: Institution: Date: Junction design Development scenario and possible challenges It is important to note that while multiple scenarios existed with regard to remodeling of the junction, the proposed plan is focused on one that will provide maximum benefits and return to the users and the public in general.


Scenario 2: moderate accompanying refurbishments (low cost) Modifying the immediate major feeder roads to match the expectations of the ideal design for the junction. Scenario 2: Extensive work (high cost) Modifying all the minor and major feeder roads as well as the immediate link areas to major roads to be fed by the junction. Just as the level of work dictates, the three scenarios are more capital intensive as the work increase. However, with more work employed, so is the nearness towards creation of an ideal connection route and hence more effective in meeting public needs. Extensive work is also expected to create additional disturbances and challenges and hence there is a need to create a balance. The main environmental aspects considered in this report include: geology and soils, surface and groundwater conditions, air quality issues, generated noise, flora and fauna, landscaping and visual impact, cultural heritage, as well the population and general economy (O'Flaherty, 2002, p. 123). This basically involves identification of the environmentally sensitive aspect along the connection route. It should be noted that no biodiversity areas under national or international legislation protection have been identified as lying along the area of construction. ...
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