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Media Footbridge Introduction The Media footbridge is a pedestrian walkway linking Trafford situated in the South to the new Media City Development in Stafford situated in the North. The swinging footbridge cuts across the Manchester Ship Canal next to Salford Quays.


The bridge is not only a footbridge but also a symbolic landmark anonymous to the Media City and Trafford Wharl. This paper focuses on the environmental, ecological, geotechnical, and hydrological considerations that designer and constructors of the Media Foot Bridge Salford, Manchester had to have in mind when deciding on the construction technology to use. Development proposal endeavors to address the geotechnical restriction of the location, and allow pedestrians to access to the Media City Development, Imperial War Museum link to the present Lowry Bridge boosting access to the Manchester Ship Canal. The footbridge has a wharf at Manchester Ship Canal such that it can open or close when swung. Piers at every quayside offer access ramp to the bottom of the bridge. The most important part of the designing process was to decide how the bridge would open for transient vessels. The exact location of the site is Salford, within Manchester in an area currently under industrial use. The land encompasses the Manchester Ship Canal, Salford Quays within which a media City is being developed and Trafford Quay, which is currently under little significant utilization (Curran & Thompson, 2010, p. 5-6). ...
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