Engineering and Construction
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Engineering and Construction Name Tutor Institution Subject Code Date of Submission Roles and responsibility An architect is person trained to design structures like buildings, roads and dams while architecture is the use of the knowledge acquired through study experience and practice in the solving of an engineering problem.


Since they are professionals, they also affiliate with other professionals in order to gain certain information or to achieve particular goals. They work closely with structural engineers, who give detailed information about design certain areas like the column, rely on the building engineers who interpret the drawing and implement it, and architect also partner with plumbers and electrical engineers. Plumbers are responsible for internal water supply of a building while electrical engineers are responsible for lighting. In the construction team, the architect is hired by the owner of the project. He is accountable to the owner in various ways. He produces the designs that must meet the requirements of the client and also takes care of the laws regulating buildings and building codes which usually set height of foundations (datum line), height of walls, parking necessities, ventilations and land use. Under traditional contract, an architect plays a vital role since he advises on the award of the project to the contractor, monitors the development of the work undertaken during construction and changes orders as specified in the design specification document. ...
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