Maintenance Operations in Aviation : Impact Essay example
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Maintenance operations in aviation – impact Practical Example of Recorded Incidence Setting and History There are indeed practical examples and scenarios that justify the information presented in the literature on how deadly basic human errors in aviation maintenance can be.


Giving a brief history to the flight, the Aircraft Accident Report that was drafted by the National Transportation Safety Board (1986) on the accident actually pointed to certain facts that are of importance to the present study and the literature review. One of such facts has to do with the indication that on the day of the accident and at the time of the take off, the weather was very clear. What this indicates is that the possibility of a natural consequence to the accident is ruled out (p. 2). Still on the running out of a natural consequence, the report states that the surface wind was 020°at 22 kns. What this leaves us with is human error. The accident actually occurred due to the negligence on the part of someone who should have ensured maintenance at some level of his career (Commission Regulation, 2002). Conditions Official reports from the aftermath actually concluded that the condition under which the accident occurred was one that resulted from detached engine (European Aviation Safety Agency, 2005). Even before the flight took off, the pylon-to-wing had been damaged. ...
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