Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability in Engineering

Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability in Engineering Research Paper example
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Name Course Tutor Date Abstract Sustainable engineering is the process that involves having systems that are capable of sustaining themselves. This paper discusses the importance of having a sustainable system in engineering because it plays a crucial role in ensuring that engineers do not run out of materials.


Since engineers are able to do several works, it means that they are able to use numerous materials in a bid to meet their objectives. However, it is of paramount significance to note that the materials that the engineers use are important because without them, they would not be able to accomplish their missions. This means that it is vital to exercise innovation, ethics and sustainability in engineering because without this, development will come to standstill. Introduction Engineering is very diverse because the people who work in the field have the responsibility of doing several essential things. Engineers have the opportunity to do several things, which are: production of food, ensuring quality supply of water, provision of houses, waste management and sanitation, development of energy, building of roads. In addition, they have the right to ensure that there is adequate industrial processing, development of natural resources and ensuring that waste sites are cleaned up. ...
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