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AUDIO CROSSOVER CIRCUITS Name Class: Lecturer: Institution: Address: Date: AUDIO CROSSOVER CIRCUITS Introduction The audio cross over circuit is used with speakers in the audio vocal range. The circuit is composed of several components, precisely inductors that are connected in series, which are then coupled to capacitors with the aim of creating a low pass crossover circuit.


Analysis of first order crossover The first order cross over circuits is designed with the use of passive components, which include the resistors, capacitors as well as inductors. The passive components are used in conditioning the signal to obtain a specific result. The components are useful in the analysis and control of the signal. There are a number of designs of the circuits that is sued to condition the audio output of the circuits. Different configurations of the first order circuits have different results in terms of signal conditioning. In the audio crossover circuits, the circuits are specific to a selected frequency range, thereby introducing the elements of damping and rectification among others. The first configuration of the first order cross over audio circuits involves the use of a capacitor as the conditioner of the signal fed in the circuit. The capacitor plays a huge role in the circuit for it acts as a voltage regulator by storing charge. It stabilizes the voltage that is passed within the circuit. The speaker that is used in the circuit is represented as an inductor. ...
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