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TMA T173 03 Engineering and Construction - Essay Example


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TMA T173 03 Engineering and Construction

b. i. In your own words, give a brief description of what the standard covers. Standard is a measure of assurance to any specific area of application. It covers a number of elements such as uniformity, specialization, purpose, precision and accuracy. Uniformity of standard is a frame of reference that the users of a given object can agree to follow regarding the manufacturing and usage of that particular design as well as the object material (Callister, 2004, p. 503). Uniformity regards the conformity of products regarding their physical and chemical nature. Specialization involves the product being designed for a specific project such that outside the same parameters, it’s an inadequate design. Purpose in standardization is the objective that is associated with a given outcome. Purpose may be safety, protection, repairs, constructions and more. Precision and accuracy in standardization are concerns of the physical fitting associated with an outcome. The simplest measure of accuracy and standardization lies in the sizes of the products. Size determines the fitting of the object. ii. Give a brief description, from the sections of the standard, of five basic design requirements for the helmet. Uniformity: the design of the helmet has to be specific to the initial design solution, for a particular product such that all the helmets of a design are similar and as close as possible to the suggested solution. Specialization: helmets in use are designed for various purposes, the cycling and the

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TMA T173 03 Name Class: Lecturer: Institution: Address: Date: TMA T173 03 (Block 3) Question 1 a. Explain why standards are important to manufacturers and users of helmets. (4 marks) Helmets are part of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in any instance where overhead weights and objects are involved (Hillert, 2007, p…
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TMA T173 03 Engineering and Construction Essay essay example
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