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Product Design Name Institution Course Date Product Design: Cooling Fan Introduction This is a process of creating new products to be sold by an enterprise or business to its customers. The process of product design aims at effective and efficient generation of ideas through processes, which lead to new products.


Educationalist should not confuse product design with industrial design. Industrial design entails the artistic process, whose usability and form associates with craft design in mass production (Takashi, 2009). This is a product design report of a describing the external factors, that impinge on a product design, and ultimately affect the manufacturing process. It is a challenge to keep a team of engineers working smoothly without conflicts, as they keep crossing each other’s ways. The report targets the manufacturing process of a fan; it expounds on research carried out on different external factor affecting its manufacturing. In the recent past, it is evident that the products are getting complex, as the data turns to be expansive. This is also a challenge facing the engineering industry as a result of the overall growth. Designs suggested by top products designers and engineers have come to lose market share. All in all, teams of engineers are implementing other strategies to cope with the prevailing situations, such as teaming up to make a product design project. The ideas are taking effect, and ides are getting to admirable levels by teams from different environment merging up to design a new product. ...
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