Essay on Structure features, form and builing envelope

Essay on Structure features, form and builing envelope Essay example
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Title: Superstructure Choice Name: Lecturer: Course name: Number: Date: 1. Superstructure choice i) Enclosed shopping centre Structural features, form and building envelope: Measures 11 meters longer than the Empire state building. It has a large area consisting of roof lights specifically intended to idealize daylight within the building.


It uses of 28.55mm clear toughened sentry glass for special loading requirements. Maximization of chilled energy efficient beam air conditioning system to cool the store up to 60C has been necessitated by circulating water around the building cooling the surrounding air which consequently cools the beams. The surfaces and edges configurations bring about the two dimensional shopping centre by using squares to produce volumes in both platonic and non-platonic forms. The shape of the centre is based on designer’s memory of some vacation in Italy. It uses both human and the multiple scales to show greater levels of visual objectivity. The scale is greatly dependent on the users who are adults and children visiting for window shopping and buying. It is therefore a simple building form with big literal size with glass cladding of light absorptive type. The shopping mall is constructed on a commercial harbor landscape which maximizes materiality of surrounding architecture. The building envelope of this shopping centre is meant to bring a difference in the conditioned and unconditioned space. ...
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