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Name Instructor Course Date Chromate Conversion Coating Replacement 1.0 Introduction Corrosion is considered to be an essential process as it is one of the many ways in which nature recycles its contents (Eddy viii). Kamis indicates that it is the destruction or deterioration of materials as a result of reaction with the environment (12) and involves the electrochemical conversion of metals to its original form.


Zhao et al indicates that it is a widely used method especially for A1 alloys in aerospace applications as it is considered to be very effective (51). However, Zhao et al points out that a number of factors including environmental regulations; the requirements for increased service life of airplanes; and the high cost of preventative maintenance has forced the US Air Force to search for other environmentally friendly methods of reducing the rate of corrosion that are also an improvement over the use of chromate (51). Zhao et al also indicates that an understanding of how CCCs protect metal surfaces against corrosion is fundamental to any research (51). As Kamis points out a proper understanding of corrosion along with the appropriate engineering application would lead to a major reduction in its damaging effects as well as the costs associated with it. 2.0 Factors influencing chromate replacement There are a number of factors that have contributed to the need for replacing chromate as a coating. They range from environmental concerns which have led to regulations governing the quantities of chromium that is included in certain processes. ...
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