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Conservation of the Historic Environment-Select a historic building or place with which you are familiar - Assignment Example

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Conserving the Past – To Present it to the Future History is a strange subject! It is all around us and not limited to the books and texts we study. It leaves it signs and signatures everywhere for us to follow. If we have to understand the journey of history we need to follow the marks and footsteps it has left for us…

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Conservation of the Historic Environment-Select a historic building or place with which you are familiar

As the title suggests we are conserving the past to present it to the future and to the generations ahead. The monument we have chosen to discuss is Liverpool Old Cathedral, which is a magnificent architecture. The monument has seen an elaborate period of 74 years of British history, during which it the construction of the same saw multiple changes than what it was in the original design. The architecture is magnificent with its grandeur style and design. As the monument is built out of the local stone, features of the same add their own dimension to the structure of cathedral. In this essay we are going to study the main cathedral as site of historic significance and value with the architectural features of the same. This will also give us an insight regarding the value associated with monuments from the point of view of conservation of historic places. The Liverpool Cathedral standing tall amidst the surroundings of the city1 History of Liverpool Cathedral The single tower structure was not the original design proposed by Giles Gilbert Scott who was the winner of the design competition organised by the authorities of Liverpool for the cathedral. Scott family was a family of architects. He was barely twenty two years old when he submitted the original design for the cathedral which had twin towers and not a single tower as it is now being seen with. ...
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