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HS2-COST VS BENEFITS By (Your name) Presented to (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/ Subject) (Institution/ University) (City/ State) (Date) ABSTRACT Great risks are linked to High Speed 2 (HS2) although it is viewed as the latest long term government project. Its risk lies in the higher-than-forecast in costs and lower-than forecast in benefits.


The Government’s base of argument is on the projected forecasts that are unreal. The painful experience gathered from HS1 project is concrete evidence for evaluation of the project. The project will create demand for high-costs and taxpayer-funded transport capacity. The benefits alleged by the Department for Transport remain wanting. BACK GROUND KNOWLEDGE ON HIGH SPEED RAIL The high speed rail entered the UK in 2007 following the completion of Channel Tunnel to London. It was called Channel Tunnel Rail Link, currently referred to as High-Speed 1 or HS1. A political consensus on the construction of HSR network in UK for trains running with a maximum speed of 350 kmph is currently preferred. The next project is the construction of High Speed 2 that will connect London and the northern parts of UK. According to UK transport policy, HS2 is viewed as the most appropriate mode of transport for the region in relation to the increased demand for rail network and transport. An extensive study on the program in the year 2004 by different countries in the world revealed that UK had not implemented the High-Speed rail. Other countries like Germany, Japan, France and Spain had already adopted it. ...
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