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Name Institution Date Article Review The article by Anshu Bagga, Mathur, Geoge, Monty Reichert, and Tuskey deals with the study of force transmission in endothelial cells using the Atomic Force and the Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy. The objective of the article was to examine the transmission of force from the cell membrane of the apical cell to the cell membrane of the basal cell…


This paper summarizes, and reviews the three articles with a focus on how the authors were successful in achieving what was intended. In the first article, by Anshu Bagga, Mathur, Geoge, Monty Reichert, and Tuskey, experimental design and the quantitative method techniques were employed in conducting research. They made use of quantitative method in justifying their findings. In trying to establish how force transmission in endothelial cells is achieved, for instance, the authors utilized the Atomic Force and the Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy. The authors did this by mounting a bioscope AFM on an inverted microscope. Then they contacted an experiment for Variable-angle TIRFM. This was meant to help calibrate the coupling angle using the depth of penetration of the evanescent wave. They collected the set of force curves on the whole cell surface to help them in measuring the cellular mechanical properties. Using the linear regression fit for the force indentation curves, they were able to find the elastic modulus for the nuclear, cell body that was in proximity to the nucleus, and for the cell body that was near the edge. ...
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