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PV Mounting System Name Institution Lecturer Course Date Photovoltaic (PV) Mounting System The mechanical mounting system for the Photovoltaic (PV) System will be designed for: Maximum PV performance; Low cost; Durability; Ease of installation; Portability; and Security of the PV system Concept Generation Concept generation is aimed at coming up with a suitable mounting system based aforementioned design criteria.


The two PV mounting methods include fixed tilt mounting and the azimuth (sun tracking) PV mounting systems. 1. Fixed Tilt Mounting System PV panels are installed at permanent angles. The angle is usually predetermined so that there is an optimum solar radiation being received, by the panel, throughout the year. Efficiency can be increased by mounting the PV panels on a double axis, where two panels are mounted in such a way that they face away from each other, at an angle, as shown in figure 1 (Sampson 2009). This is opposed to a single axis mounting where the panel (or panels) is mounted on one side of the mounting structure as shown in figure 2. Double fixed tilt mounting system is usually more expensive than single fixed tilt mounting system because double fixed tilt mounting structures require more materials than their single mounting counterparts do. However, double fixed tilt mounting system results to higher PV performance since the panels’ exposure to solar radiation is higher than in single fixed tilt mounting systems. ...
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