Hydraulic Hybrids: A new economical and environment friendly solution to improve fuel efficiency

Hydraulic Hybrids: A new economical and environment friendly solution to improve fuel efficiency Research Paper example
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A hydraulic hybrid vehicle is the one in which a hydraulic system is coupled with the normal working of the vehicle in order to improve its efficiency.This is done by storing the hydraulic energy in specially designed accumulators through a motor assembly.


The main components of a hydraulic hybrid system are vehicle engine, motor/pump, accumulators, low-pressure tank, twin high pressure tank, hydraulic drive train and hydraulic transmission. A hydraulic transformer is also included in some of the systems in order to minimize the low power losses by converting output flow at any pressure. Hydraulic hybrid is identical to electric hybrid systems regarding the principle of working. In electric hybrids, kinetic energy is stored in batteries during the braking operation. This energy is used to run the motor which assists the engine in powering the vehicle. Hydraulic hybrid systems utilize the energy from regenerative braking to pump a working fluid into an accumulator in pressurized form. This pressurized working fluid later assists the engine by providing energy to a pump which powers the vehicle (Gilles, 223). Economic Advantages Hydraulic hybrid systems work best for urban transport vehicles or waste management vehicles which are required to stop at small intervals. Whenever driver applies brakes, pump forces the hydraulic fluid from the low pressure tank to the twin high pressure tank, thus energy is stored every time brakes are applied. In this way up to 70 percent of the energy used in the braking action of the vehicle is again utilized by the vehicle (figure 1). Hydraulic hybrid systems have a number of advantages over other hybrid systems and traditional engines. ...
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