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Community Involvement in Construction Name: Course No: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: University Community Involvement in Construction Research Strategy The basic aims of the study is to evaluate that “Community involvement creates multi-dimensional benefits e.g.


The involvement of the community benefits both the community and the economy. The research is made to enhance the economy and to attain advantages from the community. Different books, literary articles in different magazines, newspaper and journals are utilized for the collection of data and information (Groat & Wang, 2002). However, interviews and questionnaire were also adopted for the collection of data. The construction publications and governmental publication are also considered important for the research. The government publications are important in determining the legal situation of the subject. Methodology In order to research the hypothesis, two research methodologies can be adopted (Groat & Wang, 2002). One method is to simply collect the data with relevance to the statement and then prove the hypothesis through the observation and with the help of available information. The collection method should involve the relevant books, journals, literature, etc. The method is often called as the qualitative research method. However, proving the hypothesis by utilizing the scientific tactics or scientific methods, which involves the practical behavior and responses from the people that are influencing the research directly. The method may not involve the collection of data through books, journals, etc. Such research method is known as quantitative research method. ...
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