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Introduction Chapter for Swirling Flows

and also in various engineering applications. [1] Aerodynamic drag induced by lift of the wings of an aircraft may also give rise to swirling flows in air. In the engineering applications, particularly where combustion systems are entailed, swirling flows can be defined as continuous jets of fluid in uniform transverse flow that have dynamic and three dimensional (3D) structures. [2] According to a basic definition from Lilley (1977), “Swirling flows result from the application of a spiraling motion, with a swirl velocity component (also known as a tangential or azimuthal velocity component) being imparted to the flow via the use of swirl vanes, in axial-plus-tangential entry swirl generator or direct tangential entry into the combustion chamber.” [3] Figure – 1: Example of swirling flow in an artificial test case [4] Why Study Swirling Flow? According to experts like Gallaire, Rott and Chomaz, there have been only a few studies in the academic world which have dealt with the monitoring, control and analysis of complex fluid mechanical systems involving tubes and swirling jets. ...
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Running Head: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 1: Introduction University Name Subject Name Instructor Name Chapter 1: Introduction Background of the Research This study is about analysing the various mechanistic behaviours of the swirling flow when released from a jet system inside the state of immersion in water (i.e…
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