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Solar Energy Power (Photovoltaic Systems)

The paper tells that solar energy has been the most dominant energy source since the dawn of civilization, though indirectly. But with the rise of industries and heavy machinery, solar energy has lost its importance and the use of fossil fuels has become commonplace. But as early as the 1970s, there have been researchers enjoining governments to find alternative energy sources. For example, in 1971 Farrington Daniels said: As [coil, oil and gas] diminish, atomic and solar energy will eventually become important: atomic energy in large multi-million-dollar installations near large cities and in areas where solar radiation is low, and solar energy in small inexpensive units n rural areas where solar radiation is abundant and the cost of electric transmission is high. Meanwhile in 1973 another researcher, George O.G. Löf said that the man has to find other energy sources as the use of fossil fuel is unsustainable. For him, the development of technology that captures solar power is much more important. He expounds: The raw energy, in the form of electromagnetic radiation, reaches the earth’s atmosphere at a rate of 170 trillion kilowatts. Even after about one-fourth is scattered into space by clouds and dust, the quantity of energy reaching the land area of the United States is more than 700 times the current demand for all types of energy. For Löf, fossil fuels have to be replaced with renewable sources of energy because its inventory is finite and will soon run out. Moreover, as supply of petrol fuels decrease, its cost will increase steeply. ...
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The aim that this study has to fulfill is the examination of solar energy. The researcher of this essay aims to pay special attention to installation and its cost-benefits analysis benefit of photovoltaic systems. This essay also explores the Finding the Right Location for the Solar Panels…
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