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Name Tutor Course College Date Task 1 Beam bridges A beam bridge is the simplest type of bridge that can be constructed. Its main composition is a crevice that is span by a beam that is solid in structure. The beam has support given o it by piers that are positioned on both sides of the opening.


However, some simple bridges are set on the ground without first installation of the supporting systems it is of importance to note that when this is done underground preparation has to be done. Every edge of the bridge is always tested to make sure that there is stability. Shoring and underpinning techniques are important to ensure that we come up with a stable bridge. For more stability, excavation of the soil as well as the backfilling of the soil is important however, it is not necessary. Piers are always laced vertically on the edges of the bridge to make sure that the bridge gets the correct support. To make these piers, we can use a range of materials ranging from masonry, steel, or concrete and to ensure that the base is stable, we have to embed it with concrete. Building the bridge When building a beam bridge, the bridge span is always made at a different place and then transported to the area where the bridge is to be made. The bridge is made by bringing together two concrete or steel girders that get support from some decking materials. To add weight, the bridges are made with grudges, which comprise solid beams and built with trusses that are webbed to provide support. A crane is then used to lift the bridge to the supports then it is welded to ensure that the bridge is firm. ...
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