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Name: Course No: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: “I hereby certify that the contents contained within are my original work and have in no way been influenced by outside works other than my own personal research.” Abstract The M. H. De Young Memorial Museum was firstly constructed in 1895 after which, it had gone through many transitory phases.


When the building was initially constructed, there were lacking tools and equipment that could be used for construction. The museum is an amalgamation of past and present designs and architectural excellence. This paper contains description of the museum’s construction and relevant details. De Young Museum (San Francisco) The M.H De Young memorial museum is the complete name of a fine arts museum situated in San Francisco but it is commonly known and called “De Young Museum”. This museum is located in the famous golden gate park of San Francisco. Initially the museum was housed in a fine arts building having the Egyptian style structure. The old museum occupied the area of approximately 1, 40000 square feet where as the new building occupies the area of about 292,000 square feet. De young museum was founded in 1895 and since then it is the hub of the cultural fabric of the city of San Francisco. Fine arts museum was an outgrowth of an exposition that took place in San Francisco in 1894. Different sorts of construction material were used to construct a splendid building of all times. Copper, wood, steel and glass were so beautifully used to merge the outlook of museum with surroundings of golden Green Park. Effort was made to complement the old hazardous building of the museum. ...
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