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LNG as Fuel for Aircraft - Essay Example

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LNG as Fuel for Aircraft

Conceptual Configuration 1.1 Liquefaction Cycle Liquefaction allows gas to be stored economically. Propane Precooled Multi-Component Refrigerant Cycle (Carson’s Report, pg 221) will be used to create the LNG from the natural gas feed. This process also known as the C3-MR system is used widely in today’s LNG industries. This system uses a multi-component refrigerant, usually nitrogen, methane, propane, butane, ethane and pentane to condense and evaporate natural gas in one cycle over a wide range of temperatures.( 1.2 Storage Facility In this section we will show our storage facility by calculating the storage capacity needed (table 1.2.1), studying the current LNG storage tanks and their capacity and choosing the appropriate facility for our project. Storage Capacity           Number of Flights per day   14               Usage per Flight       LNG Density (kg/m^3)   455 Weight (kg)   26043.97 Volume(m^3)   57.23949               Usage per Day       LNG Density (kg/m^3)   455 Weight (kg)   364615.6 Volume(m^3)   801.3529             Needed storage capacity per day (m^3)           LNG 801.3529         Annual Storage Capacity (m^3)           LNG 292493.8   Table 1.2.1 Storage Capacity Calculation LNG is a cryogenic liquid. The term “cryogenic” means low temperature, generally below -73°C. LNG is a clear liquid, with a density of about 45% that of water. The LNG is typically stored in double-walled tanks at atmospheric pressure. The storage tank is actually a tank within a tank. The annular space between the two tank walls is filled with insulation. The inner tank, in contact with the LNG, is made of 9% nickel steel, suitable for cryogenic service and structural loading of LNG. The outer tank is generally made of carbon steel or prestressed concrete. 1.3 Processing Facility This stage includes the requirements to sub-cool LNG prior to the loading into the aircraft fuel pods. Lng needs to be sub cooled to -161 degrees Celsius for it to remain in the liquid form. 1.4 Distribution Facility Our distribution facility will include pipings, pumps and hydrants required to deliver LNG from the storage tanks to the aircraft. Pipeline System As the liquefaction and storage facilities are within the airport boundary, the pipeline costs will be lesser than that of distribution and transportation through trucks. Sizing requirements to meet the distance from the storage tanks to the aircraft. To be able to simultaneously fill 2 aircrafts at one time. Under the ground (trench covered by open grating) to prevent heat penetration. Pipeline insulation by thick polyurethane to prevent heat infiltration. 2. Ground Systems Operating Procedure The primary operations that will be considered in this section: Receipt of gas for liquefaction Liquefaction Storage Delivery of LNG In our project, we will be receiving liquefied natural gas, which will eliminate the process of liquefaction. The reason for such an arrangement would be that the amount of LNG usage for our operation does not require a facility to produce LNG with a natural gas feed. Also, costs are not feasible to create a natural gas feed at the airports. With this, we move on to the ...Show more


LNG In this part of economics, we will elaborate on the insulation and use of LNG as an alternative fuel for our aircraft. We will assume that the feed gas (natural gas) is available at both the airports, Perth and Melbourne. We will begin with the conceptual design of our ground system with the following breakdown: 1…
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LNG as Fuel for Aircraft essay example
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