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How Does Hydropower Energy Affect the Environment in the State of Wyoming?

According to various researchers, hydropower is considered as the world’s largest renewable source of electricity. This paper will discuss some of the most common ways through which hydropower energy affects the environment in the state of Wyoming. The movement of water downstream in the plant facilitates the creation of kinetic energy which can be converted into electricity. In the past, hydropower energy plants were quite reliable and efficient than most of the other sources of energy. The hydropower energy majorly depends on precipitation and changes in elevation. The construction and operation of the hydropower dams substantially affect the natural river systems. In most cases, the power plants are usually regulated by the state and federal laws to care for the surrounding and human health (Edwards 15). However, there are other environmental impacts which are closely associated with the power generation technologies. Various studies highlight that hydropower energy is an environmentally clean and safe method of producing electricity. In fact, hydropower energy is more efficient as compared to most of the other sources of electricity. In addition, hydropower energy plants do not contribute to global warming or the formation of acid rain. In the state of Wyoming, there are minor air emissions that are produced by the hydropower energy plants. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How does Hydropower Energy affect the Environment in the State of Wyoming? Hydropower is considered as a renewable source of energy which is quite efficient in most parts of the world. Hydropower is enhanced by the water cycle…
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