Engineering and Construction
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Engineering Before and Now Engineering as a field was there in every age in the past, though it was at its nascent stages in those times, and in the present age, has grown manifolds. An activity does not necessarily have to be very complicated and technologically demanding in order to be classified as engineering.


These activities relate to different fields of engineering including Textile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Agricultural Engineering. One field of engineering that has been very dominating in all ages is the Civil Engineering. There have been unique ways and standards of construction throughout the history. Examples include carved caves to make space for living made by a nation who perished away many centuries ago, the Egyptian Pyramids whose construction reached its apogee “with the Great Pyramid of Khufu” (Freudenrich, 2012, p. 1), and Taj Mehal made by the Mughal Emperor Shahjehan, to Burj-Al-Arab that is the emblem of civilization and technological power of the present age. A detailed study of the engineering of the past and that of now suggests that man has always practiced the most complicated engineering methods to develop sophisticated and unique structures. The fundamental factor that has changed the most between the engineering of the past and the engineering of the present age is the ways of construction. Manual work has been increasingly replaced by machines. ...
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